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Sweet Little Sanity Savers

This blog post is about cupcakes. And no, not those pretty little ones you see in other blogs. These cupcakes were lovingly (and messily) made by me and my boys today in a desperate bid to fill yet another rainy afternoon at home.

It hit me by about mid-morning that I was more than a little screwed. Three days into the wet and blustery school holidays, and we've already been to the movies, gone Lego shopping, played cubby-houses, built train tracks, played with every single toy from every single cupboard in the house, baked Lightning McQueen cookies, made craft, dressed up, stripped off, played in the piles of clean washing, been on driving trips around the neighbourhood AND gone down to the lolly shop to spend our pocket money.

So, I was running out of ideas. And then I remembered my plastic box of sugary goodness hidden away in the bottom of the kitchen cupboard.

This box is a little goldmine. It's all the leftover cake-decorating bibs and bobs that never quite get used up in one sitting, so they get shoved into the box to save for a rainy day. That rainy day was today, my friend. And I nearly fell over when I spotted a butter cake mix in there too. It was a sign from the cupcake gods!

So we set about baking cupcakes and decorating them and basically inhaling them before I even had time to photograph them properly.

And the even better news is that the kids hit their sugar comedown at around 6.30pm, so we managed to bundle them off to bed earlier than usual. W I N.

Getting set up. Can you believe I hadn't used the little sugar animals for anything yet? I bought them half price at Coles and tucked them away. You should've seen the way the kids' faces lit up when I pulled out those puppies (and kitties, and cows, and....well, you get the picture...)
The spread. And yes, I am the type of woman who has an emergency tube of chocolate fudge writing icing in the cupboard. You got a problem with that?
Harvey and his concentration tongue.
Hugo and his gappy grin.
Harvey carefully plotting his decorating masterpiece.
Hugo indulging in some fine motor skills action (look at that precision!)
Time to chow down! (slightly less precision needed here)
I decorated my own. I prefer my cupcakes without little-boy licked fingers, thankyou very much.
Brotherly bonding over the sugary goodness.
All over red rover.
So, it looks like tomorrow I'll be digging out my playdough recipes. But for now, I'm going to have a cup of tea and a fluorescent red cupcake. Toodles!  :o)

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