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Incapacitated = Inspired

So, today I had kind of a 'lost day'. 

I hurt my back yesterday picking up my four-year-old, and an annoying twinge turned into a shrieking back pain overnight. When I tried to roll out of bed this morning, I soon realised I was going to spend most of my day shuffling around like Frankenstein with a hot wheat cushion shoved down the back of my tracky dacks, sucking back Panadol, and slathering myself in anti-inflammatory gel. And glamorous.

Luckily for me, my hubby is off work on sick leave for a couple of days (feeling run-down and his asthma is flaring up), but since he can actually still, you know, walk, he had the pleasure of doing the school runs and picking up anything for me that was below waist level.

I blame this guy...
...with his pleading eyes and his murmurs of "I'm tired, Mum. Carry me..." Sound familiar? Yes indeedy. And if that wasn't enough to put a crick my back, he then had the audacity to crawl out of bed in the middle of the night and make camp behind his bedroom door, so that when I came in to check on the kids before I went to bed, I had to peel the little blighter up off the floor with my already-buggered back. (Yeah, I know - next time I'll leave him there. I hear ya).

So, today I did very little. I did the bare minimum in caring for the kids. I did a lot of sitting awkwardly on the couch or lying even more awkwardly in bed. I dozed. I flipped through magazines. I had a very long, very skin-melting hot shower. And I daydreamed a little bit. I don't really get much time to really think, let alone daydream, so I indulged myself in a bit of it and started planning out all the things I hope to achieve before this year is over.

How often do we really sit down in a quiet space and let ourselves just daydream? Or plan? Or plot out how we're going to fix some of those things we always intend to fix, but never really get the time to figure out how? Today really helped me assess what I've got going on in my life at the moment and put it into a bit of a priority list in my mind. Instead of being all go-go-GO, I really enjoyed pulling up in front of an enforced red STOP sign.

The upshot of it all, is I am feeling a little bit refreshed and a lot more inspired. My back feels a lot better (thankyou wheat cushion - how I love thee...), I have almost forgiven my crazy red-haired child because he covered me in blankets all day and gave me his teddies to snuggle, and tomorrow is a new day.

And I think I'm going to schedule in more of these 'rest' days. Seriously...try one! Just set aside a day where you're going to get away from the computer, sit out in the garden with a cuppa, and just think.

In the end, my 'lost day' turned into something quite the opposite!
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