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A quick and easy project anyone can do!

So, my 6-year-old was totally sweet the other day and came home from school with a drawing for his little brother. Considering they seem to fight 24/7 these days, it's nice to see that absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder. A few hours away from each other managed to cast Harvey in a favourable enough light that Hugo wanted to create something special to give him at school pickup time.

I found the whole thing so adorable, I decided to frame it for posterity in case it never happens again (and by the way they're behaving like two caged animals over this long weekend, I'd say it's highly likely it never will).

This was literally a 10-minute project (in fact, probably more like 6 or 7 minutes) because I did it just before I ran out the door for the following day's school pickup.

1. Materials - the masterpiece in question (already skilfully cut by Hugo into a fabulous blobby shape); gluestick; scissors; a piece of A4 red card; and a $6.00 white timber frame from my local discount store.

2. Trimming. I laid the paper insert from the picture frame on top of my red card and trimmed the red card to the same size, which sits nice and neat under the cream mounting board. I laid the mounting board on top of the red card and figured out where I wanted to position the artwork, and then simply glued it in place with the gluestick. (FYI - gluesticks are perfect for this kind of thing, because wet glues make the paper bubble and buckle, and double-sided tape yellows over time and will be seen through the white paper in a couple of years).
3. Signing. Just before I popped it all back into the frame, I quickly signed and dated the artwork on Hugo's behalf (he was at school and I was making it as a surprise for both boys).
4.Complete! In around 6 minutes. 

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